Welcome to Audiohook

We are a global music agency that believes in the social value of music and how it connects people, drives stories, creates imagery, elicits emotion, and simply blows your mind. We create music and sound for the world’s leading advertising agencies, brands, production companies, creative directors, media, and technology companies. We also develop music strategies for brands, provide music search and licensing services, create innovative activations, and produce some hooky tunes.


Music + Sound Design + Mix 

It’s a new world for audio and we collaborate with partners who seek to elevate their work with audio that is culturally aligned, relevant and optimized for all platforms. When paired correctly, strategic audio produces emotionally staggering and memorable results. 

Audiohook stays ahead of who is listening and how they are listening. We consider culture and how it translates in musical terms, and we are committed to creating superior audio for the evolving content & media landscape.


Audiohook Values 

Real Music From Real Independent Artists

Whether you want to license a song from an up-and-coming indie band or need a custom composition for your project, you’re getting original music from real artists at Audiohook. Our huge catalog of one-stop music is culturally rooted through our expansive community of independent creators. 

Great Curation

At Audiohook we pride ourselves on being mixtape masters. Our proven record of successful curation has given us the confidence to provide you with the right sounds for your project.

Value & Ease

We know all too well that jumping through multiple hoops to get music can be an arduous process that slows your creative flow. We don’t want that. Let us handle the logistics of your project’s sound needs while you keep your creative buzz flowing

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