Services + Work is a one-stop boutique serving all of your audio production needs. We offer creative services from original composition, licensing, and music supervision to post-production, sound design, mixing, and beyond. We are your creative audio production team. 
Music + Sound Design + Mix 

It’s a new world for audio and we collaborate with partners who seek to elevate their work with audio that is culturally aligned, relevant and optimized for all platforms. When paired correctly, strategic audio produces emotionally staggering and memorable results. 

Audiohook stays ahead of who is listening and how they are listening. We consider culture and how it translates in musical terms, and we are committed to creating superior audio for the evolving content & media landscape.

Music Licensing  

Tell us what you’re dreaming of and we’ll get you exactly what you need for your production. We’ll curate and deliver music straight to your inbox. Our catalog of one-stop music has thousands of songs covering all genres. 

Custom Music 

Work directly with Audiohook’s award-winning music production team to write, arrange and record a custom song to enhance your production. We can also customize or remix an existing song from our catalog to meet your needs.


Post Production & Sound Design

We’re here to polish, enhance, and enrich your production with state of the art mixing, award-winning sound design, and multi-format mastering 

Audio Branding

Need your very own custom sound, brand chime, or animation pack? We’ll get to work in our lab of limitless gadgets and create your very own branded audio/SFX

Audio Design

We work with artists and educators of all mediums on everything from immersive sonic and visual installations, shows and presentations to games and applications.

Recording Studio & Production Services

Artist/Band Recording/Production, Voice Over, ADR, Foley, Sound Design, Music Production, Podcast Music, Video Game and Application Music, Live Music, Event Music, Jingles, Jams, and Jangles. If it's noise or music of any kind, we do it well in our state of the art facility in Denver, CO

* Choose Your Own Audio Brand/Agency/Creators Plan *
Contact us to create a custom-tailored audio plan. All plans include full access to our catalog of songs & sound effects and give our clients creative access to our award-winning production team. Audiohook's brand and agency partners love this option as it allows active collaboration on projects throughout the year and elevates integrated brand strategy to a world-class level.